Keema Children's Foundation

Creating a better life for children

Keema Children's Foundation

The foundation is dedicated to creating a better life for children in need who are suffering disadvantage and who have experienced or are at risk of child abuse or neglect.

Little Stars Kids' Camps

Little Stars Kids' Camps is a new and exciting day camp program that is designed specifically for children aged 3-5 currently in foster care. Little Stars Kid's Camp is run by Keema Children's Foundation, and is Proudly support by Act For Kids.

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Who's Involved

The Charity is run by a Board of Directors, all of whom provide their time and expertise on a volunteer basis.

Lisa Honeychurch is the founding Director and is also responsible for the running of the charity on a day to day basis.

Registered Charity

The Keema Children's Foundation is a Registered Charity, operating as both a Public Ancillary Fund and a Necessitous Circumstances Fund. It therefore has full Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status from the ATO and so all donations to the Foundation will be tax deductible.